Boot-Camp Workshop & Training:
Move Your Business/Message into the Mobile App Space

Trevor Thomas

The app marketing & profit experience

Have you developed a mobile app marketing plan yet?

The biggest challenges for small businesses, experts and messengers in leveraging the powerful platform of mobile apps has been cost and understanding how to use apps to reach more people, generate new clients, and make money with this amazing platform and technology.

The purpose of the AMPx event is to teach you all the most important strategies and approaches to using a community based app or your own Expert App to accomplish these goals. Being a part of existing app or launching your own app is only one step. Using that app to be effective in sharing your business or message and to make money is the real goal and this event is about teaching you the strategies to do that. Not only will you learn how to use an app as a marketing and profit tool but you'll learn very powerful marketing strategies that will help you overall in your business, in and out of your app.

Should your business be in the mobile app space? Simple answer is YES, all businesses should be exploring this space NOW. The app marketing space is the fastest growing platform EVER!

Just look at these few stats alone...
Usage: The time spent per user on smartphone and in apps – 3hrs+ hours A DAY!Apps vs. Mobile Web Browsing: Mobile users are spending 87 percent of their time IN apps, versus just 13 percent in mobile browsers.Vs. Computers: In 2017 the mobile app platform exceeded the amount of internet and content time on computers. More people use smartphones and apps than computers today.Revenue: Mobile apps are projected to hit $188.9 billion in revenue by 2020. Make sure you get a piece of this revenue!
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Powerful topics taught at each event

The AMPx Event is delivered by varies experts on topics that are key to you making money with a mobile app and helping you overall in marketing your business more effectively. Every topic below, presented by an expert in some way (training talks, break-out sessions, panel discussions and more), will have some impact on the success of using apps as way to share your message and make money. Take a look at some of topics taught at each AMPx Event.

Funnels & Marketing Automation

Learn how to create simple funnels that produce results, build your list, and get people inspired to take next steps with you in your business.

Sales Conversations

Learn a process of selling over the phone that works and converts conversations to clients while not feeling like selling.

Writing & Publishing

Write and publish books that stand out from the crowd and not only inspire people to explore your message further but also share it with people they know.

Creating & Selling E-Courses

Learn how to organize and create an e-course through the PDA, EIA, or your own app creating a passive income for your business and teaching your message to the masses.

Making $ With Apps

Learn 5 very powerful and effective strategies to make money with your app account or own expert app and plug them into your existing programs or products.

Video Content Creation

Learn how to quickly create personal and powerful videos for both content and engagement with your other products and programs. You'll learn how to be more authentic in your videos and let go of perfection.

Develop a Mindset for Success

Develop a powerful mindset for success and make sure it aligns with the message you're sharing and how you share it. You'll learn how important your thoughts, words, feelings and actions are to your success.

Leveraging Live-Streaming

Most experts don't know how to stream live videos (delivering information or training content) to their current or potential clients. In this part of the panel our expert will show you the best ways to do this and the all the ways it will benefit your business.

Building Your Community

Learn how to build sustainable support systems for your events & programs, and stay connected with your audience long after your sales funnel is complete.

Viral Marketing w/ Tracka' Concept

This is very app specific and will be one of the most exciting teachings of the event because what you learn can turn your simple message into a viral sensation and generate amazing exposure to your app account or to massive downloads of your app itself. PLUS... there is an incredible surprise that comes with this training!

The Power of Collaboration

How do you get lots of exposure to your message or lots of downloads of your app even if you don't have your own large list or network? The answer is offering win/win opportunities to other businesses or experts to promote your message